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Electricity Authority

Autoriti Elektrik Brunei Darussalam
(AEBD) or the Electricity Authority (EA) was formed to administer and enforce the Electricity Order 2017 (EO17) effective July 2018. The EO17 published in the Gazette on the 8th June 2017 aims to regulate and control the generation, transmission and distribution and to ensure the safe use of electricity in Brunei Darussalam. The Electricity Authority regulates and control through issuance of Electricity Licensing to Power Utilities and Power Generators, licensing of electrical, cable detection and electrical or supply installation license and regulating electrical appliances and consumer products in Brunei Darussalam. T
he establishment of the Electricity Authority is aligned in response to support the National Wawasan 2035, the strategic goals of the Energy White Paper and to ensure Ease of Doing Business by facilitating a conducive business environment.