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 Recent Complaints

Name:Pencari Kerja
Complaint:Adakah jawatan kosong di Kementrian Tenaga di “booking” untuk iready di Kementerian tersebut?
Date:10/03/2019 14:20
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:Alhamdulillah with the i-ready initiative, a lot of young graduates have been given the opportunity to gain experience in the industries available in Brunei Darussalam. This initiative could potentially prevent the issue faced by developed countries where job recruiters are looking for ONLY experienced employees with minimum 5 to 10 years, especially with the fact that our country is slowly developing further.

However, one most worrying trend has bloomed in the midst of the i-ready period: companies taking advantage of the i-ready. Yes we have heard in the bulletin that companies are prohibited to use i-ready applicants as free labour, although I still hear stories from recent graduates that this is still happening, although in discreet. Moreover, the current growing trend in companies taking advantage of the i-ready programme is by REDUCING the starting basic wage for DEGREE holders!

The reason behind the reduction in the starting basic wage for degree holders were simple: if a company can take an i ready applicant for "free" with basic wage of BND 800, why should the company pay more for their degree workers? There is a company that I knew of recently took a degree graduate with a salary of BND 1000 per month, when 5 years back a degree holder could easily get BND 2800 to 3000 Per month.

Are the graduates been taken advantage of with the current situation? YES
Some of the graduates who have taken education loan to further their studies, wished to payback their loan are unable to do so! One graduate that I know of had to pay minimum of BND 1000 for 7 years, if his Basic salary is only BND 1000... He only have BND 0.00 for the rest of the month to live on, not including paying bills or rental!

One of my suggestion would be to set the minimum starting wage for different education level, as to prevent the private companies in taking advantage of the Brunei workforce. And enforcement need to be in place through routine audits in the companies (minimum once a year).
Date:19/01/2019 09:50
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:To Expo and Trade Division,

I am writing these statements to inform you of our disappointment and frustrations of some of the expo organiser. 

The rental fees have been unbelievably high throughout the past years including this year. The buying pattern from consumer is sadly down trending however not at the pace of rental fees.
Vendors are becoming victims of the situation especially the need to pay the high rental fees with full payment prior to the event. Alum tau untung ruginya macam mana akan tetapi pembayaran sewaan tetap mesti di bayar.  Harga sewa tinggi tetapi sambutan inda berapa mengalakan seperti expo-expo yang lalu.

Need relevant authority to look into rental fees on any exhibition held especially in Brunei Muara District.  Event organisers are getting abusive these days with high rental offering which discourage more and more vendors to transform healthy economy.
Date:01/01/2019 17:21
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:I am writing in as an entrepreneur. After being in the corporate world for the past 14 years, and once face a reduction of (35%) in my basic salary reason being – the business owner (Senior Management) have internally transfer me to one of his newly established business to assist on the setup necessary for its operations & not knowing how his new business will be.
The same that I got RPN. This greatly impact my monthly commitments and expenses. However it lead me into a small business – which initially started as a hobby. Years down the road, I begin to lead an entrepreneur life and finally decided to quit my job of 14 years to pursue my dream. However, I am grateful to my journey for my business which started as a hobby that led me discovering my real passion. – it wont happen if not because of the reduction in pay and I am still grateful for my boss decision at that time.
But it didn’t end here. I would say the real challenge has just begun. Despite consistently attending courses that darE offers to support SMSE from doing business plan, to accounting to financial literacy and etc but there is no workshops that teaches how you can mentally and emotionally be prepared for the challenges you have to face in the real business world.
I don’t rule out it’s a great effort to encourage local to setup their own business or follow their dream or discover their passion – but we never get to tell them how to be prepared for challenges like when they get ignore, or rejected and or even why there were being ignore or proposal being rejected.
The challenges they have to be prepared for, their operating cost, workers issues, and the amount of business needed to sustain their business.
After a year of preparation, I finally step out of my comfort zone and setup an official office instead of working from home business the past 4 years.
I recruited team of 4 members in my team. And due to the nature of my business is very broad, much time is need to train the new members in my team (Please if I may add, they are all inexperience graduates) – whenever we interview candidates, especially unemployed graduates, they are say the same thing: they are willing to learn and do anything. They want to get experience and us as employers - should play a part in CSR to help develop and train these graduates and reducing of course helping to reduce unemployment: at the expense of our time to train and cost, because they are not at the capacity to help the company generate revenue YET and the experience one is way too costly for a newly small start up to be able to accommodate.
Months down the road, the employees are getting a hang of what the organization does. And company is beginning to get inquiries about our services. Whenever we submit a proposal / quotation to an organization, either 1 – we get the job, 2 – no respond from the organization; thinking we do not have the quality or ability or the company doesn’t have enough portfolios or 3 – they will haggle and go on haggling on the price.
Now 1 – if we get the job. Good for us. Cheap, but super fast deliverance and super quality is always expected. Now what does this mean? – little or even no profit. Client never understand the theory of : scope – time – money.
For example: Client expect their house at their given specification to be build within 6 months. But we know on average to build a house we need 6 – 9 months, so if client insist to have it build within 6 months – then it means we need more manpower and more manpower means – cost will increase. Means the money to pay is more.

Number 2 – if they don’t respond to us after seeing our quote – that is fine. I totally understand although I have been around for few years, but I was still attached to my full time hence I never really officially execute my business (unless by word of mouth or referrals & back then I don’t have full time team, only part timers on project basis) with that, clients do not have confident in the company. Now is this not a bit bias? They don’t know the company but they didn’t take the time to know the people and what we can deliver. At the end, they will still engage business that has been around for 10 years and above – But don’t forget we once worked for a lot of this major businesses whom are now well established. Although my company does not have the profile of past clients, but that don’t mean I don’t have the skills or experience enough to justify while with past employers.
Number 3 – After getting our quote, they’ll say “You are expensive”. Asking for price reduction. Now are we expensive and it’s out of their budget or are we expensive because they are just reluctant to pay as much? – I can understand that from an employee point of view, we always want to get the best deal for our employers. (When I am still working, I also try to haggle with suppliers) – but after haggling for 3 times and giving discount from 10% to 30%. With this special discount – our rate is already at least 45% cheaper than normal retail rate. And what? They didn’t even bother to respond to us if or not to engage our services.
We decided to give them the discount after considering that is a large order. At least 3x of normal order. And because yes I desperate need the project to sustain my business (At least) even if it isn’t making very much profit - but at least able to cover a month or two of our operating expenses.
I can understand – if it they are busy and forge to reply. But with a follow up, we are only given a blue tick – with the project dateline less than a week away, we cannot move forward or even to make any plans. Afraid if we move away, we will be called for the project. And if we just wait, we cannot make other plans.
Some more this is dealing with a department Head of our most prestigious financial institution. To me this is a shame. Why bother haggling the price (over and over) and asking loads of questions for clarification or justifications etc etc if you are not keen with our services. If price is an issue – could have just let us know? If there is a budget to adhere to could let us know so we can see if we can meet midway. If it is really not in our favor we can always decline the project. Or at the very least, have the courtesy to decline our proposal. What is the point of being a “Department Head” when even simple gesture like this also don’t know?
Are they even genuine to want to work with us? Sadly I don’t feel so. And feel so much like this is a bully. Bully us new start up with “little or no experience” to give a super low price. So ridiculous, no? Come on’ I have a business to sustain. I have my workers that I have to pay. I am not doing charity. Neither is this a “hobby”. Is it wrong to exchange cash for a service or product aka business transaction?
If we give a high price – they say you don’t have experience. And expect a lower price.
When we give a low price – they will also say because you don’t have experience that is why you don’t dare to charge high. Or offering such a low price, are they experience or capable to do the job?
If they secure our services, I will gladly not accept the payment for my service fee if they think that I didn’t deliver a good job. Because I pride on my service, my working standard and the result of my work, the dedication and attention I give in to my every project – with my team.
My point is – where is all the #supportbruneilocal?
Everyone always say – support local support local, but yet they travel overseas to make purchase, they make online purchases. And support local in what sense? – Only selected favorite local? Home business local business? Or newly established local business which a “story” to tell. Or only the favorite local always get the support on social media, on the press etc.
Really supporting local? – I really don’t feel so.

Date:31/12/2018 15:56
Date Of Issue Closed:-

Recently i resign from a company which i have worked there for more than  5 years. Basically, i have completed my task before i quit.  The management has asked to issue a resign letter. i have done writing the company the letter and pass my resign letter to my HOD the next working day. after few weeks, i received letter from my previous company and said that i was terminated. i have followed their instructions but sadly it was not accepted. Before resigning, i have done my task and in fact came for overtime and came home late. i have worked more than 20 hours to complete my task but in the end, because of the termination said by company, they have cut down my overtime money and did not pay me. They  took my overtime money and said that i still owe then few hundreds. If i fail to pay back the money to the company, the company will take actions and drag me to the court. I worked haed and didn't took anything from he company but why they still making me payback the company? They have took my overtime money so to me it is still condiderable. I have done my part and my responsability and the company should think why there are so many employees ran off from the company, not blaming and take stupid actions.
Date:30/12/2018 15:48
Date Of Issue Closed:-

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