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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector?

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 Recent Complaints

Complaint:BRUNIE DARUSSALAM MR. RODOLFO SALAMIDA  HAS CONNECTED MY Bc balagosa construction's firms; International registered Contractor 201
Date:16/05/2019 18:56
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Pekerja Local yang dianiaya
Complaint:Assalamualaikum to pihak eidpmo,

disini i would like to raise pasal pekerja local yang ditindas oleh pihak management disatu company ani, Mozz** Ent SDN BHD, i believe you heard many complain sudah kan pasal company ani.. YES! they hiring more regional and ani baru tah tekial2 kn hire local.
ok, dsini kan memaklumkan kepada pihak tuan/puan, durang ani banyak politik, pekerja local ditindas, bila kan minta kenaikkan kah minta elaun kah bukan bukan durang ani kebaratan, padahal durang ani membagi gaji inda sewajarnya bah,advantage apa smua lari arah urg luar and kesayangan only! office base atu, melayu nya dpt dikira, gaji kana bagi pun inda sewajarnya,batah didiamkan barang ani,tapi masalahmya makan diri pasal kami ada banyak commitment.. plus bukan inda bsyukur, tpi dimana keadilan nya, regional kana bgi gaji beribu, local nya pyah pyah kn mnyampaikan..

kalau pihak biskita kn mmbuat audit, kindly audit tia semua,liat brpa ramai local berapa ramai org luar, plus brpa lama bekerja dsna, apa improvement durang buat tuk urg dsna..LBD kan dihire lagi smpai 2 org, if sampai hire jadi 3 org bh tu.. jdi mohon dri pihak tuan/puan untuk banar banar memeriksa kebajikan pekerja disana termasuk office base,jgn yg onshore offshore saja,kami ani kn mencari rezeki jua,kaja separuh mati p asal minta kenaikkn macam macam alasan dibagi

Durang ani bnyk drama ni, Directors, General manager, human resource pandai belakun, dpt dibagi best awards ni durang ani
Date:13/05/2019 19:20
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:I was teminated on 1st May 2019 from STL3 BSP on the grounds of incomplete task PIP. Task PIP is subjective and can be manupulated. Two main topics that athey say i failed to deliver is the replacement old waste skips to a new standards, which was already expired  before i took on board the project.
I completed the project April 2019  according  to the bsp managemnt. Its 4 months behind time. The purchase, fabricatiion and delivery of the new skip was beyond my control after the purchase agreement was awarded. I had pinalise for budget 2018 had spilled over to 2019.  The bsp HR had suggested this PIP task can to be replace with another task, but bsp management insisted that this task was to remain on the list. This is not fair because definately it cannot make the my PIP dateline which was on december 2018
Then there was the task of understanding  for contract budgeting which i passed in the first interview then he repeated the same oral test understanding on the same topic which caught me by surprised by asking me on a close PIP item.
The management labled me as failed on that subject.

Waiting for the outcome of my PIP bsp lauched Care for people Scheme for staff at my age. I went through the interview to find out if i was eligible. I received a email notification and my line supervisor had also confirmed that i was eligible. And that ask me to wait for the board to approve the scheme. Long behold the terminated me instead on the day they issue the letter to me with the explaination it is the continuation of of my PIP.
This is a shock, i am the breadwinner of a family of 6 to feed. My son is in UK 2third  finance by me and one third by BSP education claims. They had the option to give me CFP scheme to let me go peacefully but they decide to terminate me without compensation. This is cruel, i feel i contribute enough to complete projects as well as my contribution operation work i deserve to be entiled CFP scheme.. Why  are doing this to me?  I seek help.

Date:13/05/2019 11:44
Date Of Issue Closed:13/05/2019 11:44
Complaint:Alum face couple certificate
Date:07/05/2019 18:51
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:Complaint tersebut adalah anak2 tempatan yang bekerja di platform. Yang bekerja di offshore. Kalau local yang kerja dalam office tu mostly nya tidak ada masalah yang macam kami rasa. And lagi banyak2 syarikat di brunei ani yang oil and gas. Kerja di offshore di beri elaun. Tapi kami inda ada. Sedangkan kerja di paltform tu adalah High Risk. Memang sudah ada incident yang pihak biskita inda tahu.. sebab orang putih di sana suka membandingkan cuaca di brunei dengan negera mereka dan mereka memegang kuat macam platform tu durang yang punya heran nya orang X macam inda berani untuk berbuat apa2 mungkin ada tapi kalah oleh orang putih? Atau sebalik nya... Harap2 biskita dapat menulung anak tempatan, kami bukan manja tapi kami ada hak,kami ada keluarga untuk di peduli. Kami mahu kerja dengan secara sehat.
Date:28/03/2019 08:22
Date Of Issue Closed:-

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