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    Success Story

    “I find the BMA Program to be interesting with just simple requirements and short training duration. I feel lucky with this opportunity, plus this training also comes with employment offer.”

    Nur Fadila bin Januddin, 18
       1st intake of BMA
       COP Apprentice in Deck Rating

    “I overcome the challenges by practicing a lot and now have been awarded with American Welding Society Certified Welders, which are internationally accepted and recognized.”

    Siti Hasibah binti Shahrum
    ISQ2 in Welder

    “At the beginning of the program, I found it quite challenging but interesting as well as it involved more on hands-on training rather than theoretical. Nevertheless, I overcome the challenges by continuously enhancing my skills required by the industries with the help that I received from my instructors at SVNR.”

    Mohammad Safwan bin Haji Asri
    HNTec1 Electrical Engineering